If you witness human trafficking, immediately call the National Human Trafficking Hotline: 1 888 373 7888.

Look for clues that will help identify a victim.

  • Signs of physical abuse (scars and bruises)
  • Malnutrition/ bad health (signs of not getting proper intake of food, water, sleep and/or medical care)
  • Depression/ submissive behavior (frightened to talk to outsiders or any person of authority since they are monitored by their trafficker)
  • Foreign (unfamiliar with the most common language, have an evident lack of communication skills)
  • Controlled movement (spoken on behalf of by someone else, transported to and from or live at work)
  • Signs of dependence (demonstrating affection and attachment towards their abuser)
  • Deceived by a false job offer (different job than the advertised job they had taken interest in)
  • Lack of personal belongings (not in possession of their own identification, passport, legal documents, etc)
  • Substance abuse (signs of drug use or addiction – can also be coerced into drug use by traffickers or turn to it to help cope with enslavement)